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Drexel University, Innovation Neighborhood INvision Summit; Design Strategy


As the centerpiece of the University's strategic focus, Drexel University brings together education, research and corporate partners to form the nucleus of a new 6.4 million square foot mixed-use development opportunity known as the Innovation Neighborhood. Located in the University City District adjacent to Philadelphia's 30th Street Amtrak Station, Drexel will be the anchor in this vibrant new community at a prime real estate site along the Northeast Corridor.

A select group of leaders from Drexel University's administration and faculty gathered for one full day at Drexel’s Close School of Entrepreneurship, LeBow Hall to openly discuss their understanding of the Innovation Neighborhood. As the vision of the project progresses, the development process needs to ignite engagement, understanding, and passionate support. What do want people to feel and think about the Innovation Neighborhood? How will we set the tone and expectations for the future? How do we ensure that each conversation, presentation and plan builds on the equity of the essence of this very big master plan?


ex;it's experience design team organized and led the INvision Summit, engaging participants to express their views and priorities of the project, and articulate grand thinking for clarity of vision, planning and communication.

Discoveries from the meeting were captured in the INvision Summit report, “Innovation Neighborhood: a Drexel University vision of the future.” This strategic communications tool describes the collective aspirations for the Innovation Neighborhood. Numerous conversations with key stakeholders have been synthesized into five core narratives to inform the development process, as ideas and designs become tangible.


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