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Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley Medical Center; Branded Environments


Kaiser Permanente Antelope Valley is building an innovative new medical center campus in Lancaster, California, north of Los Angeles. Designed by HGA Architects, the focus on community connection and storytelling helped create this beautiful public space that inspires healing, activity and communicates the Kaiser Permanente brand in the environment.

To develop the master plan and branded environment, Kaiser Permanente leadership sought an innovative and integrated design to the heathcare campus that would become a community asset.






The design strategy goal — to create an active and engaging place for the community that is focused on healthy living — influenced the environmental graphic design. ex;it partnered with Selbert Perkins Design to design a branded campus. Numerous interviews and focus groups were conducted with Kaiser Permanente staff, leadership and Antelope Valley community stakeholders to understand the perceptions, beliefs and actions that influence and impact the visitor experience.

A site narrative of community and the environment was developed to engage visitors as they journey through the campus. Transformation from poppies to butterflies communicates a healing process. Graphics, sculpture and landscape integrate to inspire a healthy mind, body and spirit.



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